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Centre Pasteur du Cameroun

The Pasteur Center in Cameroon is a Cameroonian public establishment (aka CPC) with a financial autonomy and a legal personality.
This institute was created in 1959 in Yaoundé and includes an annex in Garoua that was created in 1985 and another one in Douala created in 2004. It operates directly under the umbrella of the Ministry of Public Health and Finances. The Pasteur Center in Cameroon is a member of the Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN) with whom he shared the main mission: the containment of infectious diseases in Cameroon but also in the sub region. The core activities are: service, Public Health, Research and training.

  • Service - activities carried-out for the benefit of the local population include biomedical analysis, vaccinations, and toxicological analysis among others.
  • Public Health – including epidemiological surveillance, quality controls, etc.
  • Research - studies related to the national and regional public health priorities such as: HIV, Hepatitis, Poliomyelitis, Enterovirus, Flu, Tuberculosis, Buruli Ulcer, resistance to anti-infectious agents, environmental bacteriology, nutritional deficiencies, and human exposure to pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Training - at the national, regional, and international levels.




Centre Pasteur du Cameroun

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